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Department Of Higher Education

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Objective -
The primary aim of the IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance  of the institution. 

Functions -

  1. Development and application of quality parameters for the various academic and administrative activates of the institution.
  2. Documentation of the various programs/activities leading to quality improvement.
  3. Preparation of the ANNUAL QUALITY ASSURANCE REPORT to be submitted to NAAC based on the quality parameters.

Benefits -

  1. It enhances the quality of teaching, learning and evolution.
  2. It maintains batter internal communication between students, teachers, administration of the college.

Activities -

  1. Organizing various programs to improve the personality of the students.
  2. Preparation of AQAR.
  3. Preparation of SSR- Self Study Report to be sent to NAAC.

IQAC Committee -




Dr. Arti Tiwari, Principal

IQAC Incharge

Dr. Sameera Nayeem

Staff Representative

Dr. B. S. Jadhav

Office        "

Mrs. Kalpana  Babulgavkar

Technician "

Mr. Rayees Khan

Student "    B.A.

Kum. Amela Khan

Student "    B.Com.

Kum. Pragati Tomar

Student "    B.Sc.

Kum. Anshul Malviya

Student "    B.H.Sc.

Kum. Tabassum  Khan

Parent  "

Mr. B.K. Sinha

Parent  "

Mr. Sinha

Parent  "

Mrs. Krishna Bai

Parent  "

Mr. Kamal Baradia


DR. Sulabh Rani

Historian & Educationist

Mr. Jeevan Singh Thakur


Mr. Prafful Gehlot

Former A.D.H.E. Govt. of M.P.

DR. N.K. Dad

Former Principal

DR. Asha Pandey


Dr. Ashok Bajpeyi

Fire Officer D.M.C., Dewas

Mr. Ravikant Mishra

S.D.M. Dewas

Mr. Dheeraj Shrivastav

Nayab Tehsildar, Dewas

Mrs. Rekha Suchdev

Executive Engineer, Dews

Mr. Ashutosh Kanungo

Ex. President PPC

Mr. Sumer Singh

Ex. President PPC, S.K.P. College

Mr. Rajesh Yadav

Ex. Parent Representative

Mr. Yashwant Singh

Ex. Parent       "

Mr. Om Joshi

Corporate Sector   "

Mr. Amitabh Tiwari

Corporate Sector   "

Mr. Animesh Lunawat

Sports           "

Mr. Sudesh Sangte

A.D.H.Ed. Ujjain Division  "

Mrs. Usha Shrivastav

Educationist & Writer   "

Mr. Prakash Kant

Stakeholders     "

Mr. Maqsood Pathan

Stakeholders     "

Mrs. Sushma Arora

Allumani           "

Mrs. Darshini Dev

Allumani           "

Mrs. Reena Jain